Launched in 1994, Families and Communities Together (FaCT) is a network of Family Resource Centers (FRCs) located throughout Orange County’s highest-risk communities providing essential family support services, education, and resources. FaCT is administered by the County of Orange Social Services Agency, in partnership with the FaCT Coalition of Charitable Ventures. The FaCT Coalition facilitates the planning, implementation, evaluation, and support of services and activities that maximize the benefits offered by the FRCs. Programs and services receive funding from federal, state, and county agencies including U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-Promoting Safe and Stable Families, Office of Child Abuse Prevention, California Emergency Management Agency, the County of Orange, as well as volunteer, in-kind support, and private donations.

Learn more about FaCT by clicking on the printable materials below:
FaCT Family Resource Center Flyer: English | Spanish | Vietnamese
2015 – 2020 FaCT Family Resource Center Directory

Our Mission

Is to identify and promote promising and best practices, train, fund, and advocate for Family Resource Centers (FRCs) to be Orange County’s community-based platform for prevention activities and family support services.

Our Vision

Is that all of our children grow up in stable, nurturing families, and safe, supportive communities, which promote healthy development and provide opportunities for children, youth, and adults to achieve their full potential as caring, responsible, and productive members of society.

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