10/10/17 – Middle Eastern and Arab American Families

According to the 2017 Orange County Community Indicators Report “Orange County is becoming increasingly diverse, with no one race or ethnicity comprising a majority. A prosperous Orange County is one in which all residents have the best possible opportunities for quality education, health, employment, and overall well-being. Orange County schools, businesses, nonprofits, philanthropic, and government agencies are laying the foundation today for Orange County’s long-term prosperity by working to ensure that all residents, regardless of background, have the tools they need to be successful.” Orange County is home to over three million people 31% of which are foreign born. To begin meeting this rising need for culturally competent services FaCT launched it’s 2017-2018 Diversity Brown Bag Series focusing on Orange County’s diverse families and communities. This includes information on reaching the undeserved including fathers of all various backgrounds and those with limited English speaking capabilities. The first installment of this training featured presenters from Access California Services and OMID Multicultural Institute for Development speaking on the growing Middle Eastern and Arab American Communities and how to engage with Middle Eastern and Arab American Families. Their presentations can be found at the links below. Stay tuned for more information regarding our next installment focusing on Asian and Pacific Islander families and communities coming up in November!

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